Le Rosey –– language courses in Switzerland (2022)

Boarding school Institut Le Rosey was founded in 1880, it is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution in Switzerland. She is called the "royal school." The school which has a strict quota for each nationality.


The school has two campuses:

Lake Geneva Campus. This is the main campus of the school, located 30 km from Geneva. Territory - 30 hectares. The campus was founded in 1880, on its campus there is a medieval castle of the 14th century, from which the history of the school began. The building has been completely renovated.

There are 15 buildings on campus. On the campus there are: 53 classrooms, 8 scientific laboratories, 14 specialized classrooms: music, orchestra, art, computer, as well as a conference room. Sports equipment includes: 2 fitness rooms, a martial arts hall and a dance studio. The campus has 3 dining rooms and 2 cafeterias.

Students have access to the chic futuristic building The Paul & Henri Carnal Hall - an art and training centre. There is a concert hall with 900 seats, a library containing 17,000 books, a music and art studio, a computer centre, classrooms, a conference room, cooking studios and much more.

Off-campus students have access to a private riding centre with 30 horses, a private sailing centre with 10 boats, 3 motor boats, an 11-meter yacht and a catamaran, an 18-hole golf course and all the necessary equipment for playing.

Mountain Gstaad Campus. It is located among alpine landscapes in the picturesque village of Gstaad. This is a popular ski resort, loved by many celebrities. On the campus there are chalets for children, an educational building, which houses classrooms, a computer room, rest and games rooms, a dining room. Sports equipment includes equipment for badminton, fitness, tennis, bowling, curling, jogging, climbing. The school has a swimming pool.


Age: 8-15 years old.

Date: July 4-29, 2022.

Location: Lake Geneva Campus.


In the morning, 2 classes are held for 75 minutes each. Pupils choose their area of ​​interest:

  • Language Academy - you can study English and French. In classes a maximum of 12 people. Classes are held for all levels: from beginner to advanced.
  • Sports Academy - basketball, football or tennis classes are held. Group and individual classes, tournaments are held.
  • Leader training. Practical seminars on self-defence, oratory, non-verbal communication, coaching and life skills so that children can begin their journey to personal success.
  • Academy of Art - classes are held in the theatre, art history, design, analysis of works, etc.

Additional activities

Ceramics, circus school, creative art, dancing (hip-hop / Zumba), digital photography, percussion, school of magic, web design.


After lunch, children will find a rich sports program to choose a student. Archery, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, fitness, soccer, golf (practice), horse riding, water sports (sailing) rugby, self-defence, swimming, tennis, frisbee, hockey, surfing, water skiing, yoga.

Entertainment activities

In the evenings, a variety of team competitions, pool games, theme nights, discos and surprise evenings are held.


Children will discover the wonders of Switzerland: alpine adventures, theme parks on the lake, hiking in magnificent natural landscapes, as well as excursions to cities and attractions.

On Saturday after classes and on Sunday a varied program of recreational activities is held: visiting the water park, climbing the Lednik 3000, excursions to the neighbouring cities of Geneva or Lausanne, amusement parks, barbecue, show discos and much more.

Cost, 2022

CHF 14,300 in 4 weeks.


Age: 8-15 years old.

Date: August 2–20, 2022.

Location: Lake Geneva Campus.

The 3-week program is very similar to the classical camp program, but it emphasizes the academic program and the study of English or French. Ideal for relaxing and gaining strength before the new school year, without forgetting about learning languages.


The program includes 4 daily classes of 50 minutes each.

  • Intensive language practice - 4 lessons of English or French.
  • Bilingual program - 2 English lessons and 2 French / Spanish lessons.
  • Mathematics and languages ​​- 2 lessons of mathematics (in English) and 2 lessons of English, French or Spanish.
  • Leader training. Practical seminars on self-defence, oratory, non-verbal communication, coaching and life skills so that children can begin their journey to personal success.

Additional activities

After lunch, children can choose their own classes of interest: sports, art, music (both for beginners and experienced musicians) or multimedia seminars. Children can choose the following classes: circus school, cooking, art, dancing (hip-hop / Zumba), digital photography, film and acting, percussion, school of magic, singing, web design.


Archery, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, mountain climbing, football, golf (practice), sailing, self-defence, swimming, table tennis, tennis, surfing, water skiing.

Entertainment activities

In the evenings, a variety of team competitions, quiet events, pool games, theme nights, Lake Geneva cruises, fireworks and surprise nights are held.


On Saturday after classes and Sunday, Cruises on Lake Geneva, shopping in Geneva or Lausanne, barbecue, shows and discos, high-mountain adventures, theme parks on the lake, hiking, excursions to cultural attractions are held.

Cost, 2022

CHF 10,750for 3 weeks.


Age: 8-13 years old.

Dates, 2022:
3 weeks: June 10-29, July 3-22, July 25-August 13.
2 weeks: June 10-23, July 3-16, July 25-August 7.

Location: Mountain Gstaad Campus.

The camp is ideal for younger students who are away from home for the first time. An unusually family and friendly atmosphere develops here. The maximum number of students in the camp is 100 people.


Intensive English or French: 2 daily classes of 75 minutes each, including Saturday. On the first day, children write a test, according to the results of which they are divided into groups. The program will significantly improve language skills.

Additional activities

After lunch, a sports and creative program is held, classes are held in groups. The program includes indoor and outdoor sports and art classes: aerobics, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, rock climbing, cooking, art, football, golf (practice), mountain trekking, GPS orienteering, swimming, table tennis, tennis , theatre, rock climbing, visual media.

Entertainment activities

In the evenings, team competitions, sports tournaments, creative workshops and evenings for surprises are held. On Saturdays after classes and on Sunday, excursions are held: shopping in Gstadt and Montreux, barbecue, discos.


Children will discover the wonders of Switzerland: spending the night in a mountain desert, high-mountain adventures, theme parks on the lake, hiking in magnificent natural landscapes, city tours and attractions, as well as first-hand experience of mountain life of farmers.

Cost, 2022

CHF 6,400 for a 2-week program
CHF 11,400 for a 3-week program

Excellence camp

Age: 12-16 years old.
Date: July 3-17, 2022.

A small group of 10 motivated and adventurous teenagers embark on an unforgettable 2-week journey through the Swiss Alps and aboard a yacht.Adventureisoutthere!


Discover trails in the Bernese and Wallis Alps, learn rock-climbing, cross obstacles, crevasses and glaciers. Work as part of a team while setting up and taking down a camp every day, and learn how to live in a community. Most nights are spent in mountain huts.

A unique opportunity to enjoy a superb adventure in the heart of the spectacular scenery of theSwiss Alps.

After this exciting week in the mountains, you will then fly from Geneva to join our 102-foot Sailing Yacht, Ipharra, for a splendid cruise in theMediterranean.

Learn the history of the islands you will visit. Discover the beauty of natural sites, relax aboard Ipharra of course, enjoy water sports every day!

Get a chance to see first-hand how to handle a large yacht using both engine and sails; how to calculate routes using maps and electronic navigation equipment; appreciate the importance of teamwork and mutual respect.


Swing jump, rock climbing, hiking, via ferrata, sailing, biking, swimming, snorkeling, sea-bobbing, stand-up-paddling.

Additional activities

Ipharra is a 34-metre catamaran sailboat built for offshore cruising. It is a secure, well-furnished, fast yacht which has 4 triple-berth cabins with bathrooms for the students and 3 cabins housing the 5 crew members.

Ipharra also has a classroom equipped with IT resources; a huge cockpit which serves as a dining room/meeting area and cinema; a reading room, and a flying deck used for marine observation, astronomy and sun bathing!

The yacht also has a dinghy used for exploration (Zodiac), a light Laser sailing boat used for sailing lessons; electric powered sea bobs (also used for exploration), snorkelling equipment, a kayak, water-skiing and wakeboarding equipment, not to mention all the usual modern security equipment - GSM and satellite communication and navigation systems.

Cost, 2022

CHF 15,500 for a 2-week program.


Lake Geneva Campus. The residence consists of 186 rooms. It has 13 game rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and relaxation areas. Accommodation in 1-3 bed rooms, each room has a bathroom and toilet.

Mountain Gstaad Campus. Accommodation in double rooms, each room has a bathroom and toilet. The residence has rooms for relaxation and games.

Additionally paid

  • Pocket money
  • Flight
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Services of our company


  • We operate since 1996
  • Choose camps with a minimum number of Russian speakers
  • We place children only in camps which provides good accommodation
  • Conducted a personal inspection of almost all the schools that we offer
  • We do not work with the mass segment, only camps for discerning customers
  • You can call us 24/7
  • We inform you about the particularities of each course
  • What customers appreciate us for

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